Crowdfunded journalism, and Post Office Horizon scandal pre-sale book donation bundle!

Nick Wallis

Journalist and publisher of the Post Office Trial website

Hello. This is a secure store-front set up to accept crowdfunding donations for my work on the Post Office Horizon scandal and the Depp v NGN libel action.

The US Depp v Heard trial isn't until April next year (and I still haven't got my iVisa), and my crowdfunding campaign for the Post Office story was successful, so I don't need any more donations right now. 

If you want to buy my forthcoming book on The Great Post Office Scandal, however, I would be immensely grateful. 

Just click here and you will find yourself at my publisher's website, Bath Publishing. Bath Publishing will happily take your money for a hardback or ebook

If you make a purchase, you will qualify to join the infamous "secret" email list which is an irregular and sometimes irreverent overview of the Post Office Horizon scandal, written by me, whenever something interesting comes up. Although right now you don't get signed up automatically, so you'll have to email me at to let me know you've bought a book.

Determined to make a donation?

If, having read all this, you are still determined to give me some money as as a donation then you are welcome to do so - the links are below. The Post Office options include both ebook and hardback and a secret email option too.

I must warn you I cannot guarantee you will get anything other than the rewards stated for your donation, and as you now know, all these rewards are now available cheaper elsewhere

Every day I can afford to work on either or both of the above stories with crowdfunded money, I will, but there is no contract. 

Essentially you are just giving me money for what I have already done, not what I might do.

I hope that makes sense!