Crowdfunded journalism, and Post Office Horizon scandal pre-sale book donation bundle!

Nick Wallis

Journalist, presenter and blogger

Hello. This is a secure store-front set up to accept crowdfunding donations for my work on the Post Office Horizon scandal and the Depp v NGN libel action.

Over the course of March and April 2021 I am running an active campaign to crowdfund my work on the Post Office story (and the single Depp v NGN hearing date on 18 March!) 

As well as my day-to-day journalism on and courtroom live-tweeting from the Court of Appeal at the end of March, I am now also able to offer you a copy of my forthcoming book about the Post Office Horizon scandal in return for your kind donation. It will be the definitive account of this decades-long saga.

To get on the pre-sale list for the book, all you have to do is click on the Post Office Scandal link below (if you click on the Depp v NGN link, there is a straightforward crowdfunding option). 

The Post Office link allows you to choose whether to donate a certain amount to get access to the "secret" Post Office email list, the ebook and/or a signed first edition hardback book.

Have a click around the various options, and obviously only pay what you can afford, but I would be exceptionally grateful if you are able to donate and support the pre-sales for the book. As well investing in open-access, public-interest journalism, you'll have something to show for it when the book is published in Autumn 2021!

NB: If you don't want to donate and just want the book, hang on till April/May when the book will be on pre-sale from the publishers at £25 (+£3.50 UK shipping) for the hardback, or £8.99 for the ebook.

Many thanks